Siberians are a big robust breed and are distant cousins to the Norwegians and Maine-Coons with semi  long hair. The males are bigger than the females with a realistic weight of between 6 and 10 kilos. The females are about 4 to 7 kilos.

The overall look is much like the Norwegians but the head, ears and muzzle are different. Massive head and neck, wide placed smallish ears, modified wedge shaped face with a rounded muzzle, a good chin, massive cheeks, a long slightly concave nose with slight curvature. A big muscular body and medium long tail, rounded at the end. The coat should be medium long, dense and oily with a good ruff around the head and chest. At the back of the neck, the hair schould be shorter, and of course, they must have the long "trousers".

Sibirians are at their best, in Winter with the long, thick,oily coats. In summer, except for the tail, these cats lose most of their fur, and sometimes have the appearance of a house cat, which at shows, the Judges should allow for.

That Sibirians change a lot in their appearance in the first or second year, this due to the fact, that it takes a full five years for then to fully develope. They are very lively and affectionate, Funcats, which will have you laughing at their antics.

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